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Web Services


Click here for Secretarial Services

You can have all your results posted on the internet for everyone you specify to view at anytime using a computer connected to the internet. No reports needed to print and distribute. Schedules available to everyone. Awards proudly displayed. All this for only $20 per season. If you pay for the Secretarial service, then all this will be posted for you based on your requirements. Otherwise you will have to post your own information into the file system.

If your league wants to have something even flashier, you can have a web site with pictures, graphics, feedback, and more.

Payment for all services are made securely through PayPal. All payments must be received in advance of the service to be provided. Services may be terminated by the user at anytime but all payments made are non-refundable.
  • Setup a shared folder system on the internet where all your records and results will be posted. Only the people you specify will be able to access your records from any computer with internet access.
    COST = $20 per league per season
  • Posting of all requested files, reports, and graphs in the shared folder system on the internet.
    COST = $0.25 per file or free with purchase of the Secretarial Service
  • Create and maintain a website for your league
    COST = $150 setup for each season and $10 per week of competition for simple maintenance.