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Windows Records and Brackets
Management System

for League Secretaries and Treasurers


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Downloading and Installing the Software

Before loading this software on your computer, you should carefully read the license agreement. Loading or using the Licensed Software indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with them you may not load or use the Licensed Software.

Got questions? Looking for a program for a Macintosh or Linux system? Downloading of the current version is recommended for all users but you can check the FAQ page for information on these topics.

See the pages on temporary registration and full license registration for important information on activating all the features of your downloaded program today!

Below is the recommended download for all types of Bowling and any other Sports with league competition where the highest score wins

Current Version 16.94 for Microsoft Windows
(see the FAQ page for information on how to use this program on Mac and Linux systems)

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Download & Installation Instructions

New to computers? Don't know how to download and install the program?
Click on the underlined text below for detailed step by step directions.

Directions for current version

Having problems with the download? Download too slow? Downloaded file does not seem to work on your system when you follow the directions above? Contact the author by Email, Phone or Regular Mail.

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