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Windows Records and Brackets
Management System

for League Secretaries and Treasurers


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You can obtain a temporary license to fully evaluate the program anytime. However, if would like a full license you will need to send me a non-refundable payment of $25 US. If you have already purchased a license in the past and you want to upgrade to the current version, the cost is $15 US. There are two ways to obtain a full license. The first and most convenient is to use your credit card and the free PayPal service to securely transfer your payment to me. Please note that full licenses are sold only to single individuals and not to groups or organizations. I will need your correct name to send you a full license for the program. Simply select "New Registration" or "Upgrade Registration" from the Buy Now button menu below and click on the button to access the free PayPal service and make your payment. If you have not already signed up for the free PayPal service, you will be required to do so before you can make your payment. PayPal offers sign up incentives from time to time and you may be able to save even more money with their incentive. You will need my Email address to make your payment. The Email address is support@leagueassistant.com. When I receive notification of your registration payment from PayPal I will send you the permanent registration information by Email. PayPal does not issue the registration information, they simply transfer your payment to me.

Select New or Upgrade
from the drop down menu
The second way to make your payment is to download and install The League Assistant on your system, if you have not already done so. Start up the program on your system and select Registration from the Help menu. Click on the Order Form button. Complete, print and mail the order form and your non-refundable payment of $25 US (or $15 US for an upgrade) to the address listed on the left side of this page.

Be sure to fully complete the order form, especially your Email address, if you want to quickly receive your registration information by Email. When your payment is received in the mail I will send the permanent registration information to you by the method you specify on the order form. You can also use the order form to request a CD with the software to be mailed to you. The software on the CD is identical to the software you can download from this website.

IMPORTANT: You are encouraged to fully evaluate whether the program will meet the record keeping and reporting requirements for your league with a temporary license before you pay for a permanent license. If you encounter a problem with the program after you pay for your permanent license, I will work with you to solve the problem but the amount you have paid is not refundable.

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