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Windows and Brackets
Records Management System
for League Secretaries and Treasurers


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The League Assistant program that you can download from this web site is fully functional. You can use the program to fully manage the records and statistics for your league without paying for a license. If you do this you will find that although you can view reports and graphs on the screen you will not be able to print them on your printer or to a file. Some of the features of the program, such as printing to your printer or a file, are enabled only when you obtain a license for the product by registering your copy of the program. Features that are enabled with registration are:
  •     Printing to your printer
  •     Printing to a file (useful for full report customization or posting on the internet)
  •     Copying reports to the clipboard
  •     Exporting of data to a word processor, spreadsheet, or database
  •     Use of the advanced statistics editor
  •     Use of the advanced raw score editor
Perhaps you would like to try out these features before you pay for a license. If so, simply enter your Email address and click on the button below to request a free trial of the program with all features activated. I will send you a free, 14 day temporary license by Email. During the 14 days all the features of the program will be available to you. No restrictions. You can give the program a thorough evaluation to make sure it meets all of your needs before you pay for it.

Your Email Address:

Right after you click on the submit button your request will be sent to me by Email. Depending on the browser you are using you may receive a message informing you that the form is being sent to me by Email and that your Email address will be revealed to me. Since you want to send me your Email address so I can send you the temporary license, you should click on the OK button to send me the Email. If you cancel the transmission, I will not receive your Email address and I will not be able to send you the temporary license. You should receive your free, 14 day temporary license from me by Email in less than 24 hours. If you do not receive your temporary license within 24 hours, just email your request to me at support@leagueassistant.com 
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